Memphis teacher honored as TN Teacher of the Year

Memphis teacher honored as TN Teacher of the Year

(WMC-TV) - Allyson Chick brought statewide recognition to Memphis when she was voted teacher of the year this week.

On Thursday, her entire school turned out to surprise her with a giant appreciation rally to congratulate her.

It was a surprise pep rally that brought tears of joy to Allyson Chick's eyes.

Richland Elementary students, teachers, district officials and parents are all excited about Ms. Chick being voted Tennessee Teacher of the Year.

"People ask me how this experience has been so far and its nothing short of overwhelming and it's absolutely amazing this must be what it feels like to be an Academy Award winner," said Allyson Chick.

In fact, getting recognized for inspiring so many like this may even be "better" than an academy award.

Just ask some of her students and parents.

"Ms. Chick is awesome, she is constantly pulling the best out of them, I just couldn't ask for a better teacher," said Emily Squires, who is a parent and librarian.

"She makes learning fun when we, like, do math she makes up stuff like poems and stuff," said Camille Clippinger, a student.

School officials say Allyson Chick is the first Memphis teacher to earn this award since 1983.

As you might imagine her parents are very proud.

"She has honored us more. I couldn't put it into words, she not only exemplifies what a teacher should be but what a daughter is," said Chick's parents, Howard and Rochelle.

Tennessee's Teacher of the Year Award honors teachers for their devotion to students and classroom.

"I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to tell you, it is my life and it is my calling and it's what's in my heart. Every day of my life I think about my students and how I can make their lives better," said Chick.

Now that Allyson Chick has won the state title, she will represent Tennessee in the national teacher of the year competition in 2013.

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