Town finds unique solution to deer problem

Town finds unique solution to deer problem

(WMC-TV) – Oxford, Mississippi takes a unique approach to handling the ever-growing deer population.

The city of Oxford continues to grow, but the population of deer seems to be growing faster than the city can handle.

The campaign to control the deer from getting out of hand has been around for a few years, but with a mild winter and spring, certified bow hunters will be able to shoot the deer inside the city.

Homeowners can request to have a hunter by calling the city, but not just anyone can join.

"We've got about 15 hunters who are certified bow only, they have to come take a test they have to receive a permit from the city, there is no hunting inside the city of Oxford unless you have a permit, I want to make that very clear," said Mayor George "Pat" Patterson.

The plan aims to keep residents safe, especially when driving. After an animal is killed, the meat is processed and donated to local pantries to feed the hungry.

If you'd like to request a hunter or learn more about the program, you can call Oxford city hall at 662.236.1310.

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