Crittenden County Sheriff’s Deputies sporting new tasers to better keep residents safe

Crittenden County Sheriff's Deputies Sporting New Tasers To Better Keep Residents Safe

(WMC-TV) Remember the student who said to officers, "Don't Tase me Bro" at a political event in Florida?

Tasers are a useful tool for law enforcement and now Crittenden County Sheriff's deputies have the latest in technology when it comes to tasers..

"It's a dual shot here two cartridges semi automatic so it can shoot one cartridge and immediately shoot another cartridge," said Zane Boyd of the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office.

It's called the X2, the latest in Taser technology. It is designed by officers for officers and has a warning arc that can be deployed before the decision is made to tase a suspect. Hopefully, diffusing a situation before it becomes more dangerous.

"Before we had to actually physically take the cartridge off to do that arc which placed us at a disadvantage," Boyd said. "It is like a secondary precaution instead of just shooting them."

This X2 taser should also decrease the likelihood of injuries to officers and suspects.

"As long as it's safe for them that's all that really matters actually that's what counts," said Jim Secor, a resident of Crittenden County.

In addition to the warning arc, the taser has two lasers so officers will know exactly where the probes are going to hit. Making the hit more accurate to better immobilize the suspect.

Every patrol officer with the Crittenden County Sheriff's Department has the new X2 taser that cost $1,000 a piece. No tax dollars were used to fund the new devices. That money came from a federal grant.

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