Taped interview with Caronna plays at murder trial

Taped interview with Caronna plays at murder trial

(WMC-TV) – In addition to a witness taking the stand, a videotaped interview that Bartlett police did with Joe Caronna was also played for the court in day three of his murder trial.

The taped interview was conducted the day after Caronna's wife, Tina, was found dead.

In the interview, he described Tina's son, Todd, as a regular 22-year-old. But he showed disdain for her brother, Scott.

"He have any questionable friends?" asked the detective on the video tape.

Joe Caronna laughed as he responded, "Everybody's questionable with him. We had no association."

On the stand, Bartlett Police Investigator Kevin Martin testified that police checked out every tip and every lead in the search for Tina's killer.

"After a while some of the information we were getting started making us look closer at Mr. Caronna," said Martin.

Martin said they found Joe was stealing money from clients and had a mistress.

Martin says Caronna's alleged mistress, Becky Black, cooperated with investigators.

He said Joe Caronna also cooperated, until Bartlett police put out a warrant for his arrest and he became unreachable.

They got a tip he was hiding in Jackson, Tennessee and stumbled upon his Hummer when they went to check out the tip.

After his capture, he agreed to another interview with investigators.

During the cross-examination, defense attorneys tried to punch holes in Martin's case.

The defense claims the investigator merely sought evidence against Joe Caronna rather than all evidence that was there.

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