Grocery chain says Memphis has potential

Grocery chain says Memphis has potential

(WMC-TV) - Publix Supermarkets has its eyes on Memphis.

Ever since Schnucks left the Memphis area one year ago, many people have been asking for more grocery store options.

A Publix representative said that coming to Memphis is not out of the question, but it is not in the near future.

"We hope one day we're able to come to the market because we want to be where our customers are," said Brenda Reid, Publix spokesperson. "We are very familiar with Memphis. So one day, hopefully, we can have a conversation about locations."

As far as anything definite, there is nothing to say right now.

But here is why the chances of expansion look good:

Publix is in every major market in Tennessee except Memphis.

Knoxville's store opened this year and the company is opening more stores in Nashville and Chattanooga.

When it comes to mileage, the closest Publix is in Decatur, Alabama, which leads some to believe it is a matter of time before they come to the Bluff City.

But officially, Publix can only say this:

"We look forward to expanding in the Tennessee area, but at this time we do not have any plans of opening a store in Memphis," said Reid.

The supermarket industry is highly competitive. Publix cannot comment on speculation or market trends but they have heard from many of you who want them here.

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