MY TURN: Teacher of the Year

MY TURN: Teacher of the Year

Action News 5 is presenting an investigation this week on a Memphis City School teacher with a penchant for expressing negative thoughts about her students on her Facebook page.

I don't how that teacher behaved in her classroom, but I have a good idea that it's nothing like the experience for the students who are lucky enough to be in Allyson Chick's class.

Chick is another Memphis City school teacher and this week, she was chosen as Tennessee's teacher of the year – the first teacher from Memphis City Schools to earn this honor in almost 30 years.

Learning about the fascinating experiences that Chick creates to help her students learn, reminds you of the best teachers you had as a student. The good ones change lives for the better, even in ways that we'll never fully understand.

There's no way that all kids will be lucky enough to have a teacher as creative as Allyson Chick, but if your children are stuck with people who aren't at least trying, you should help them find some better ones. It does make a difference.

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