Battle over library cards as a voter ID continues

Battle over library cards as a voter ID continues

(WMC-TV) - Those controversial library photo ID cards are taking center stage once again, people on all sides are weighing in now that an appeal has been filed.

With his library photo ID card in hand, State Representative G.A. Hardaway says he wasn't happy after he visited the downtown election polling site.

"They have been given instruction by Richard Holden not to accept the ID as sufficient ID.  What they are doing us regarding the ID as insufficient and that's contrary to the order," said Hardaway.

A Tennessee Appeals Court ordered the Shelby County Election Commission to immediately begin accepting Memphis photo library cards as voter ID.
Now Tennessee election officials have filed an appeal with the State Supreme Court to try to overturn that ruling.

"The legislative intent was pretty clear that they rejected an amendment that would have allowed for local government I-Ds to be used, so we believe quite frankly that the court was incorrect in that," said Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

The petition claims the photo library cards aren't valid because they're not issued by state government.

"I think it's interesting that they're appealing to the same Supreme Court that has said on the critical issue that there's no question that a city is an entity of the state.  I think that's redundant," said Memphis City Attorney Herman Morris.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Tre Hargett says the Shelby County Election Commission should allow properly registered voters who present the library photo ID cards to vote via provisional ballot.

"It's marked as being a library photo I-D, that's how it's marked on a provisional ballot.  If the ruling is upheld by the Supreme Court, those votes are counted based on that decision," said Hargett.

See the full requirements for the library photo ID cards in the photo to the right.

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