Rap causes flap between George Flinn and Janis Fullilove

Rap Causes Flap Between George Flinn And Janis Fullilove

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – From YouTube to George Flinn's own radio station, rap songs written on behalf of his congressional campaign have been heard by thousands.

"Like Janis Fullilove, like Janis Fullilove," sang Memphis councilwoman Janis Fullilove.

But campaign officials claim what Fullilove believes she heard never happened.

"Her name has not been used in any of the raps that people have done supporting Dr. Flinn," said Flinn campaign manager Kristi Stanley.

Fullilove said numerous people contacted her about her name being used in a rap recorded by artist Al Kapone for the Flinn campaign.

"And he was saying vote for Dr. Flinn, vote for Dr. Flinn, so he can work for the city like Janis Fullilove, like Janis Fullilove," sang Fullilove.

She even mailed a letter to Flinn Friday, care of his hip-hop station HOT 107.1, requesting he cease playing the song because it suggests she supports his campaign.

"I've gone and had my mammograms done by him for years and years and years," said Fullilove.  "But I'm not endorsing Dr. Flinn," she added.

Action News 5 never heard Fullilove's name in any of the campaign-related raps to which we listened or watched.

"I've listened to the rap songs and I don't hear it," said Stanley.  "So, I can't imagine what she's talking about."

Fullilove still believes this goes beyond a mere misunderstanding and wants it to stop.

"And if they don't do that, I'll have to take other action like a lawsuit," said Fullilove.  "And maybe it'll be Fullilove Broadcasting."

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