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Dog owner upset after her lost puppy was put down by Memphis Animal Services

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – A devastating misunderstanding with Memphis Animal Services gave one Mid-South woman false hope that her puppy was not put to sleep. Her story can serve as a warning to all pet owners. 

Tish Tonole's two dogs escaped from her back yard and ended up in Overton Park. Now one of them is dead after a frantic search by Tonole. 

"I'm angry about it and I'm upset," she said. "I think it's futile. Something needs to be done." 

Tonole is angry because her 11-month-old dog Oliver was put down at the Memphis Animal Services and she is not sure why. She says she went to the shelter the day after Oliver took off with another dog Marlene from her back yard.

"I went up there numerous times," Tonole said. "I did anything I could. I put it on Facebook, craigslist, put posters out. I did everything I knew to do." 

Tonole got Oliver as a puppy. She says Marlene is the escape artist. 

"She rolled logs in the back yard so she could jump over the fence," Tonole said. 

Marlene was discovered in Overton Park near the College of Art. Oliver was turned over to the Memphis Animal Shelter by the police. 

Tonole doesn't understand what happened. She says the shelter allowed her to look at every cage and she never saw Oliver. 

A photo of Oliver at the shelter was posted on the Pet Harbor website. 

"They said they had him since the 17th which didn't make sense because I was there on the 18th," she said. 

Then she was told Oliver was put down. 

"They told me when he came in he had a hole in his head." 

Tish Tonole doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. 

"He was my buddy." 

Memphis Animal Services sent a statement offering condolences to Tish Tonole over the loss of Oliver. The statement says Oliver was scanned for a micro chip but did not have one. They said Oliver was visible to the public for four days. The shelter stressed the importance of getting your pet micro chipped.  

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