Prosecutors paint Joe Caronna as a liar on day 4 of trial

Prosecutors paint Joe Caronna as a liar on day 4 of trial
Tina Caronna
Tina Caronna

(WMC-TV) - Joe Caronna went out on romantic dates with women shortly after his wife was found murdered, but that's just some of the testimony from a long Saturday in court.

Joe Caronna is on trial for killing his wife, Tina. The case against him is circumstantial.

"People just loved her and they favored us because of Tina," said Tina's former boss Brad Whitner.

Tina's boss testified that he worked in close quarters with Tina and that Joe often seemed overbearing.

"That he would just show up, He would bring, lots of times it would seem over the top. He brought flowers up there," said Whitner.  

Family acquaintance Donna Kidwell knew the Caronna's for 6 years.

"He had an office in our building," said Kidwell.

She said Joe asked her to hook him up on two dates not long after Tina's murder.

Kidwell said he asked her about setting up these dates maybe three to four months after Tina's death.

Prosecutors paint Joe as a liar who made Tina believe they were about to close a new $440,000 house.

Even though he knew they could not secure the loan.

"We did a projected closing date but we never could get to the point where we had anything to schedule," said real estate agent  Marianne Tapp.

Tapp said she was never able to schedule a closing date.

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