Couple, pets lost in deadly fire

Couple, pets lost in deadly fire

(WMC-TV) - Hours after the blaze broke out, firefighter were still on the scene, looking for clues and inspecting all the damage.

Neighbor Gene Hill lives across the street.

"Like I say yeah everybody was just shocked to see this happen," said Hill.

He said the man and woman who died in Oakhaven Sunday morning were both retirees and very good neighbors.

"They were good people though we all - I just saw them the other day. You know, so it's just a strange eerie feeling to see him gone today. I just saw him yesterday," said Hill.

Investigators said the couple's bodies were found in the interior part of their house.

Just what caused the blaze to break out is still under investigation.

Also lost in this fire were the couples two pets.

Neighbors said that the body of one of the couples dogs was found in the driveway, the other in a back bathroom.

"There were two dogs, I couldn't tell you what type of dogs they were because one was in the house all the time. They had one small, little dogs like maybe a pekingese or something like that," said Hill.

Fire investigators said the home did not have a working smoke detector.

That prompted firefighters to go door to door to homes in the neighborhood where the couple died and pass out free smoke detectors to anyone who needed one.

Meanwhile area residents are turning to their faith to deal with this tragedy.

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