Halloween masks not allowed in some Mid-South areas

Halloween masks not allowed in some Mid-South areas

(WMC-TV) - Fayette County leaders said if anyone partakes in any ghoulish behavior this week officers need to know what's behind the mask.

That's why Oakland, Summerville and Gallaway police chiefs put out ads in the Fayette Falcon stating no masks allowed for anyone over the age of 12 on Halloween.

Some residents think the ban robs kids of the essence of Halloween

"That is just crazy," said Oakland resident Carmen Byrum.

"I don't see why they couldn't wear a mask. It's never been an issue," she said.

In Rossville, the age limit is 10 and Moscow is also banning masks.

Oakland Police Sergeant Cliff Atkins is just the messenger.

"They had some armed robberies right around Halloween and there was a mask involved," he said.

Area legislators passed ordinances years ago, and he understands why.

"You have no eye color, no features at all. It completely covers the entire head. No hair color you could tell from anybody if they held you at gunpoint," said Atkins,

Byrum, a longtime Fayette County resident, said she's never heard this before and now worries other holiday treats are at risk.

"Santa can't carry his bag of goodies because there's something bad in there," said Byrum.

Gallaway, Oakland and Summerville are also imposing a curfew at 9 p.m.

Sergeant Atkins said if anything goes bump in the night, they'll have to lay down the law.

"If we see somebody, we have the right to stop them and question them," he said.

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