Flights delayed in MEM due to hurricane

Flights delayed in MEM due to hurricane

(WMC-TV) - Hurricane Sandy is making landfall on the east coast. The storm is lashing New York and New Jersey with furious winds, blinding rain, and flooding.

About 10 flights at Memphis International Airport are affected by the hurricane.

The word 'canceled' appears on the flight information monitors next to cities like New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.

While airports in the northeast may still be open, individual airlines decided it is safer to cancel flights.

Officials say the situation has a ripple effect for many passengers.

"Those that go to other hubs like Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, they're impacted as well because folks won't leave Memphis if they can't get to their ultimate destination," said Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority President and CEO Larry Cox.

Larry Cox says it could be mid-week before all the affected flights are restored in Memphis.

Delta tentatively plans to resume some flights from New York as soon as tomorrow, but a lot of people from our area fly out of Nashville and Little Rock as well, where cancellations are also being reported.

You are encouraged to check your flight status before taking off to the airport.

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