FedEx prepares for Hurricane Sandy

FedEx prepares for Hurricane Sandy

(WMC-TV) - As Hurricane Sandy speeds toward landfall, the Mid-South is feeling the effects from afar.

We might be a ways away from Hurricane Sandy, but she's making her presence known to the Aerotropolis of America.

Still, FedEx says they have got this.

Kiran Babu says Sandy's been on his mind because he has a package to ship.

"It's a very important package. It's for my job," said Babu.

But Mother Nature has her own plans.

Hurricane Sandy has brought transportation to a screeching halt on every inch of her 940-mile path.

For David Heyn, the largest Atlantic storm in history was out of sight, out of mind, until he had a package to deliver.

The shipping giant says, "FedEx has nearly 40 years experience handling these situations and we have contingency plans in place to quickly resume operations after the storm has passed."

FedEx says everything that can be delivered safely will be, but if the government grounds them, they apologize for any delays and they will work around the clock to catch up, after storm passes.

FedEx set up a Hurricane Sandy page on their website, click here to see it.

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