Teammates and friends remember Ole Miss student killed in accident

Teammates And Friends Remember Student Killed In Accident

OXFORD, MS - (WMC-TV) – For Sarah and John Wheat, the sport of lacrosse was their passion. Sarah helped start the women's club team at Ole Miss where she was the goalie.

Sarah Wheat wore number 1 for a reason.

"She is our team. She's everything about our team," teammate and friend Rachel Zurheide said.

Her job on the team was to defend the goal. A responsibility her teammates say fell behind being a leader and a friend.

"Easter last year everyone went home and I didn't and she was like come over for Easter, and she had a couple of the girls over, and it was just the first time I really found friends here," said Zurheide.

News of the accident that killed Sarah and her brother rocked those that knew the family from Maryland.

"We were all just kind of lost we were not sure what to do what to say or how to act," said former coach Alicia Meredith.

Through counseling and each other these girls are prepared for their first fall game this weekend, an opener this team plans to make special for Sarah.

"The first minute of our first game this year, we're just going to leave our net open, because no one can replace the kind of goalie she was," said Zurheide.

Sarah's brother John was a few years older and helped coach the men's club team a few years back. Teammates say the two meant a lot to the sport, but more importantly to- those who played it in Oxford.

"I will always play every game for her," another teammate said.

"I can honestly say right now because of her I am a better person as well as a better coach," Meredith said.

"We're all really going to miss you and thank you for just being…Wheat," Zurheide added.

Oxford Police are waiting on toxicology results to see if charges will be filed against the other driver.

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