Secret recordings between mistress, Caronna played at trial

Secret recordings between mistress, Caronna played at trial
Joe Caronna
Joe Caronna
Becky Black admitted to a 10 year affair with Joe Caronna
Becky Black admitted to a 10 year affair with Joe Caronna

(WMC-TV) – Another woman claiming to be a mistress of Joe Caronna took the stand in his trial Tuesday.

Becky Black said she had an affair with Caronna for 10 years. But she ended up working with police, secretly taping the suspect as he tried to woo her mere months after his wife Tina's murder.

"You are my description of love," Joe is revealed to have said on the secret recordings. "I mean, nothing is important without you."

The recordings were made less than five months after Tina Caronna was murdered.

Becky Black met Joe Caronna at church in 1999.

"We were in Sunday school class and he was a Sunday school teacher," Black testified.

Black and Caronna carried on the affair after Tina was murdered. Black cooperated with Bartlett police and wore a wire in an attempt to collect evidence.

Here is an excerpt from one of the recordings played in court:

"Black: I just kept thinking that maybe you might've done that for me thinking that was the only way you could get me.

I didn't do it. When I say I would do anything for you I mean I wouldn't do something like that.

I didn't do anything. I had nothing to do with it. You know you can't listen to other people. You gotta follow your heart."

Joe never confessed to Black.

Instead, for more than 20 minutes, he tried to get her to leave her husband for him.

"Caronna: Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I've loved you more than I've ever loved anybody.

Caronna: Because I already know.

Black: Know what?

Caronna: You're what I want. You're why I've always wanted. I would never get rid of you, okay."

The state rested its case shortly after Becky Black's testimony.

Following the testimony of Caronna's longtime girlfriend, his attorneys presented his defense in court.

Contrary to the state's theory, Pat Turner, a friend of the Caronna's, testified that Tina was expecting to close on a new house the Monday after she disappeared.

"She said they had cashed an insurance policy and they were expecting those funds would be used for the closing of the house which she understood to be taking place the following Monday," Turner testified.

The defense also called Joe's sister to the witness stand.

"It was the most traumatic event of my life," Gina Caronna said describing what it was like to view Tina's body with her brother.

She said he seemed devastated.

"He collapsed basically. We got a chair and put him in it. We were all just in complete shock. Just utter and complete shock," said Gina.

Defense attorneys can call as many as two dozen witnesses after the state called close to 40.

On Monday, the state put a federal convict on the stand who claimed Joe confessed to the murders while they shared a holding cell. The defense will try to impeach him as a liar.

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