Memphis airport grounds flights to Amsterdam, historic decision

(WMC-TV) - For years, you have heard people call the airport facility Memphis International Airport - emphasis on the word international. But this new change may have you calling this airport something else. For the first time in the airport's history, flights from Memphis to Amsterdam have been grounded.

It was about 17-years ago when Delta Airlines started passenger flights from Memphis to Amsterdam it was a historic event.

But this morning, those Memphis to Amsterdam flights are grounded. Delta blames high fuel prices and struggling European economy. Meanwhile, Larry Cox, Memphis Airport President and CEO, says he hopes Delta's cuts encourage other airlines to land here.

"As Delta reduces the size of their operations here, it means other carriers, including low cost carriers, can come in and have competition," said Cox.

And when it comes to "freight flights, " FedEx continues to make international freight flights from Memphis - so it is likely you will not see a change there.

Meanwhile, Memphis officials hope to see a return to international passenger flights at some time in the future.

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