Elementary students cast their votes for president

Elementary students cast their votes for president

(WMC-TV) - Just when you thought the presidential debates were over, Peabody Elementary School came up with a unique way to get kids involved in the election process.

A debate was held -- followed by a mock election at the school.

This time it was students in the roles of President Obama and Governor Romney.

The cafeteria was transformed into a "presidential experience" complete with a student debate. But instead of the candidates going one on one, the contest featured a group of students called Team Obama, who challenged another group called Team Romney.

"Did you know that Obama wants to increase aid to U.S. Schools," said Ashanti Shields, Team Obama.

"Romney wants to bring the $68,000 troops in Afghanistan home," argued Brianna Platania, Team Romney.

The event was dubbed the "Great Peabody Debate". It was complete with rebuttal speakers and questions from the audience.

"I mean the teachers here have just been tremendous in doing this we've had, this is from kindergarten through 5th grade and each grade level has a role in preparing for the debate," said Tony de Velasca, PTA / Co-organizer.

Each debate team had everything from student marketing people to historians.

Other students dressed up as famous presidents like Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

"I'm excited because I want to see who gets elected," said Ayler Edmaiston, who is in the fourth grade.

The purpose of the Great Peabody Debate is to get students involved at an early age, in hopes that they will stay involved.

After the students listened to the candidates they got the chance to cast their votes in a mock election.

"The idea is to get the students sort of accustomed to and use to the ideas and following the practices of registering to vote," said de Velasca.

It is a lesson that will stay with these students for a long time.

Team Obama won the mock election at Peabody Elementary School with 331 votes. Team Romney had 31 votes.

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