Mother relives police officer's death every Halloween

Mother relives police officer's death every Halloween

(WMC-TV) - Halloween night is a night one Mid-South mother will never forget.

It was the night Hazel Townsend's son, a Tipton County deputy, was killed in the line of duty.

Tipton County Deputy Mike Erwin has been dead 37 years.

"I told him to have a good night, a good safe night, and I'll see you in the morning," said his mother, Hazel Townsend.

Deputy Erwin had only been on the force for three months when he was killed Halloween night, 1975.

"He wasn't supposed to work but my uncle was the sheriff and he asked him to work for him on account of it being Halloween night," said Townsend.

Erwin made a traffic stop along Highway 51 near the Tipton and Shelby County line.

That is where the deadly crash happened.

Deputy Erwin was killed at the bottom of the hill at Tipton Crossing. He had pulled over someone for driving without a license. He was getting back into his patrol car when a drunk driver hit him.  He was killed instantly.

Now, Halloween night just isn't the same for Erwin's mom.

"It starts about two weeks before and it's tough until two or three days after...seems like you just relive that night," added his mother.

Erwin was only 26 years old when he died.

Hazel Townsend knows this Halloween will be no different than any other year.

More people will be out driving the roads and walking the streets.

"Just be real careful, and have a safe trip home and don't get into any trouble," Townsend urged.

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