100 new jobs coming to N. Mississippi

100 new jobs coming to N. Mississippi

(WMC-TV) - New jobs are coming to Mississippi. The mortgage technology company FNC will add 100 jobs.

FNC is a company that prides itself on growth. The company's CEO is hoping more jobs will help do the same for the local economy.

FNC, a software firm, was founded by four University of Mississippi professors. Now, they are looking to add at least 100 new jobs in Oxford.

"We started and delivered our first solution in January of 1999 and today we have about 310 employees," said FNC CEO William Rayburn.

FNC makes software to streamline mortgage lending. The company will do work for Cetip, a Brazilian firm that holds financial securities for others.

"We 're going to help people get in their houses they're buying quicker," said Rayburn.

Rayburn said the organization will make software that helps banks manage documents and cut costs.

"We provide the workflow around the ordering, tracking, the appraisal, as the mortgages originated as well as when the bank services the loan we provide the ordering and tracking surrounding the updates to their portfolio or what these loans are worth," he explained.

While FNC plans to double in size within five years, Rayburn says the company's growth should help bring an added boost to the local economy.

"We hire people with science, engineering, technology, and mathematics; so as a result, they'll be lots of jobs created. Those employees tend to spend money, so they'll be a turnover affect," said Rayburn.

Rayburn expects a majority of the positions to be filled within the next 12 to 18 months.

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