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Bringing Home the Browns: 'I'm not giving up on my wife'


A bittersweet day for an East Texas father who got approval for a medical facility to take care of his wife, but he still suffers from the pain of seeing her in a coma.

We first told you about the Brown family in September. At 34 weeks pregnant, Heather Brown suffered a brain aneurysm, forcing doctors to deliver the baby by C-section.  The father, who is a Gladewater police officer, was overseas at the time, serving in Afghanistan.

Now weighing 9 pounds and five ounces, six week old baby John brings a smile to Sean Brown's face.

"He's eating. He's eating every two hours. So, he's taking after his father, putting down the groceries," said Brown.

It's been a long road for Sean the past six weeks, after his wife Heather fell into a coma September 14th.

But with a stable temperature and health, doctors allowed Heather and her baby to be re-united for the first time.

"Heather instantaneously as soon as she touched John made a grimace on her face as if she was fixing to cry, like she knew," said Sean.

Brown says every response is a step in the right direction, but now insurance needs Heather to move out of the care of a hospital, into another type of facility.

"If you're responsive, you're not in a coma. But, if you're not sick enough, you're not going to go anywhere but to a nursing home, or hospice care. And I don't want that. I'm not ready to give up on my wife," said Sean.

It's their faith that is helping baby John and Sean stay hopeful.

"Because she's not done yet, I'm not done yet," said Sean. 

After finding the Brown's story on Facebook, nursing staff from a long term acute care facility in Shreveport offered a private room for Heather to stay in and recover.

"They found us, and came to us, and offered their care, and that means a lot to me," said Sean.

With insurance approval, Sean says the facility will be a step up for Heather's progression.
And he couldn't have found the help without the local and national support.

"There's not enough thanks to these individuals who have taken us into their lives, and their church life, and personal life to keep up with our story," said Sean.

Sean says Heather will be taken to the long term acute care facility in Shreveport by tomorrow. He plans to visit her at least three times a week, taking baby John every time.

If you would like to read updates on the Brown family, you can search for their Facebook page, "Bringing Home the Browns."

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