Germantown couple stuck on cruise ship during Sandy

Germantown Couple Stuck on Cruise Ship During Sandy

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Dr. David Evans of Germantown and his wife were excited about a recent cruise.

"It was a brand new Disney ship, the Disney Fantasy," said Evans.

But Evans says the seven-day cruise became a nightmare.  And he documented the ordeal on his cell phone.

"The ship began to list left and right so dramatically and so quickly that all the furniture in our room turned over," recalled Evans.  "Everything that was breakable broke."

Passengers were made aware of Hurricane Sandy's proximity during the Caribbean cruise off the coast of Miami, but they were later told by the captain the storm was far worse than previously predicted.

Evans toured the ship with his cell phone as it was tossed about.

"The sliding door to our bedroom began to suddenly slam," said Evans.

At one point, Evans says his wife actually feared for their lives.

"Never expected my wife would be crying in the middle of the night saying "we've got to call our boys," you know?" said Evans.

Evans believes it may have been much more terrifying for families with small children aboard.   All of them were no doubt happy to return safely to port, like he and his wife.

"And be back in Memphis," said Evans.

He said Disney offered 25% off a future cruise as a consolation.

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