Tunica County investigators need your help identifying armed robbery suspect

Tunica County Investigators Need Your Help Identifying Armed Robbery Suspect

TUNICA COUNTY, MS - (WMC-TV) – A store clerk was held at gunpoint in Tunica County and investigators need to identify the man caught on camera threatening lives.

Surveillance cameras usually catch criminals in the act, but in this case and many others investigators need the community's help identifying the suspect.

A beep alerts Mahan's Grocery employees when someone's walking in. But not any noise could have prepared Tuesday night's attendant for this.

"At first I was shocked, and then I saw his gun, he had a gun," the victim said.

For fear of her safety, we've agreed not to show this victim's face. But she says she and another co-worker are grateful to be alive after being robbed at gunpoint.

"I was scared for me. I was scared for her. She's pregnant and I was just scared that I'd never get to see my grandbabies again," she said.

Walking right behind the counter, the robber told the clerks to turn around, leaving them to fear the worst.

"I was scared, I thought he was going to kill us, but he didn't," said the victim.

Tunica County investigators and the clerk know someone will recognize the man who wore this dark fleece jacket during the robbery.

"I don't think it's fair to people that tries to work and make a living an honest living," she said.

And until the man is found, this clerk says she will be on pins and needles every time she hears that sound.

"I would ask him why did you do it, if you was hungry we would have fed you, if you needed some money, we would have gave you some money," she said.

There is a one thousand dollar reward for information about the suspect.

If you know anything that can help call Tunica County crime stoppers at (662) 910-0400.

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