Cold front coming this wknd, Int'l Paper threatens to leave, TN Report Card is out, bald eagle shot & Grizzlies season opener

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween last night! Welcome to Thursday morning! We have a diverse set of stories with everything you need to start your day..

First off a amazing day today...warmer lots of sunshine..high of 71..Cold front coming this weekend. Details from Ron. He'll break it down all morning long on WMC-TV5.

We're also talking about an high turnout in early voting in Tennessee. We'll break down some of the numbers as early voting wraps up today.

The Tennessee Report Card is out and a mixed bag for Memphis City Schools. Hear the results plus info on schools for Fayette, Obion, Shelby County and more. Live reports on WMC-TV5..also a full list is available on our website

The Memphis Grizzlies opened up their season last night vs LA Clippers...we have highlights from the game that went into the wee hours of the morning.

Someone shot a bald eagle and now wildlife leaders in the Mid-South are nursing the amazing bird back to health. We have video of this beautiful creature, tell you what happened and how Mid-Southerners are stepping up.

International Paper is threatening to move to Mississippi if they can't get a tax deal in Memphis. They want to expand. We'll update you on this on WMC-TV5.

Clergy in Arkansas are weighing in on the medical marijuana referendum on the ballot...some are for it some are against it. We'll talk about this AM.

If you haven't seen our new morning team and our new'll notice a big difference! There IS a difference in morning news. Join Ron, Kym, Janeen, Lindsey, Amy, Ben and me right now! We'll get you ready for the day.

Andrew Douglas