MS woman convicted of forging divorce document

MS woman convicted of divorce fraud
Deputy chancery court clerk Alberdean Flowers
Deputy chancery court clerk Alberdean Flowers
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson

(WMC-TV) - Samantha Johnson was sentenced to 10 years in prison earlier this week, but after digging around the Panola County Courthouse, it turns out she may soon find herself in even more trouble.

It is Deputy Chancery Court Clerk Alberdean Flowers' job to sign court documents.

Johnson will serve 10 years for being convicted of forging Flowers' name on a divorce settlement.

"To say that I did that when I actually didn't I felt like I was deceived," said Flowers.

It turns out Flowers may not be the only one.

"There were people that thought they were divorced they would get copies of filing decree of divorce," said Flowers.

On top of her state conviction, Johnson is also indicted at the local level.

She is accused of embezzling almost $300,000 from the law office where she worked, and using her power to forge documents by cutting and pasting signatures of actual court employees.

"She would just type it up and she would paste a copy of my signature or my file stamp," said Flowers.

Flowers said alleged victims thought they had official signed copies, when the documents were fake.

Johnson is accused of pocketing the money from unsuspecting clients who paid up for legal services.

Clerks recommend if you're going to file any documents with the court system that you get a certified copy that shows the seal and original signature.

Follow up on it,  call the courts and see if there's a divorce pending or an actual decree of divorce."

While Johnson is convicted at the state level, she's awaiting trial for charges filed here in Panola County.

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