Confusion occurs after precinct technical difficulties

Confusion occurs after precinct technical difficulties

(WMC-TV) - Early voting problems at one Mid-South bottling precinct has gotten the Shelby County Democratic Party and NAACP's attention.  

They are now checking to see if the Election Commission followed policy.

Complaints of election confusion at the Greater Middle Baptist Church voting precinct in Memphis has SCDP spokesperson Jake Brown worried.

According to Brown, he was told several voters who were at the precinct on Tuesday night ran into problems after computers went down.

"The voters and other people were told by election commission workers that the server was down.  Whether the system had crashed or something to that effect, whatever it was not terribly clear," said Brown.

Shelby County Election Administrator Richard Holden said the power outage lasted less than a couple hours.

"It occurred at a couple different sites during the last two weeks of early voting," he said.

But Brown said he's even more surprised by what he claims a poll worker told him.

"The people who had been in line to vote, voted manually and then she told me the votes were subsequently entered into the computer system by the election commission officials," said Brown.

However, Shelby County Election Administrator Richard Holden said that's not the case.

Holden said voters are required to complete a computer ballot application form.

The form shows that voters have participated in the election.

Holden said when there is a loss of power, voters have to fill out a manual ballot application form.

He said the loss of power has nothing to do with the actual vote.

"The voting machine contains the vote and the vote on the voting machine is backed up with batteries, so they can continue to vote even when power loss occurs," said Holden.

A situation that has some concerned voters double checking to ensure their voice is heard and their vote counted.

Today is the last day of early voting, so if you have any voting questions or concerns you should contact the Shelby County Election Commission.

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