Local companies work together to help veterans find jobs

Local companies work together to help veterans find jobs

(WMC-TV) - Soldier to civilian -- oftentimes a tough transition for many military personnel.

"Some get jobs through job fairs while in the military, other refer some of their buddies," said Retired Lt. General John Castellaw of the Crockett Policy Institute.

Castellaw says veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have learned firsthand how important it is to reduce our dependence on traditional energy resources.

Using that knowledge and a new partnership between Memphis Bioworks and the USDA, Castellaw hopes more vets will be able to find work.

"You've got a million coming back in the next five years and we want to help a small percentage of them find meaningful work in rural West Tennessee," added Joel Howard with USDA Rural Development.

This new partnership encourages the development of an agriculture based renewable energy industry.

Lt. General Castellaw says this should fit perfectly with vets because of their strong leadership skills and knowledge of energy independence.

"We want to continue to provide the support our veterans have earned for what they've done for our country," Castellaw said.

Businesses like Tennessee Tractor have already become a partner in this effort.

Memphis Bioworks officials are already talking to other businesses about more partnerships to help veterans find jobs all across West Tennessee.

"Memphis is traditionally an urban center in the middle of a large agricultural area and part of our focus is that urban to rural connection," said Bill Stubblefield with the Memphis Bioworks Foundation.

Their plan is to use the web and social media to serve as a one stop shop for veterans to find a job best suited to them.

There will be a job fair for veterans this coming Wednesday, November 7th and the Dyer County Chamber of Commerce in Dyersburg.

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