Rumors swirl that controversial photo was taken in Mid-South

Rumors swirl that controversial photo was taken in Mid-South
This is the photo circulating on Facebook
This is the photo circulating on Facebook

(WMC-TV) - A picture of someone dressed as President Barack Obama hanging from a noose is making the rounds on Facebook and it has people here in the Mid South fired up after hearing reports that the photo may have been taken here.

The image shows a mannequin that appears to be dressed President Obama with a noose around his neck.

The image was reposted by an Alderman from Belzoni, Mississippi and the post claims that the picture originated from a Shell station in Batesville, Mississippi.

Both Shell stations in Batesville said they have not seen the photo, nor had they heard about it.

Action News 5's Michael Clark made a call to Alderman Popoola Hooper.

"No matter where it was done or how it was done, the fact is it was done," said Hooper. "To put a photo of a noose around somebody's neck and go back into hanging days, we don't do that anymore it's something that is uncivilized."

Behind the picture, it appears there is another noose.

Internet searches reveal a photo of a man named VR Phipps traveling with several political figures hanging from his trailer from North Carolina.

"You say it's racism, I say it's not, it's absolutely not," said Phipps.

On his YouTube Page, Phipps says he is using his controversial trailer in protest after he says he called for a federal investigation into a family member's death.

But the Internet is going wild with claims that the picture is from the Mid-South. While it doesn't appear to be the case, Hooper says it does not matter.

"You either vote him in or vote him out and that's just how you do it, that's how diplomacy works," said Hooper.

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