Family wants lost-and-found dog back

Family wants lost-and-found dog back

(WMC-TV) - A Mississippi family wants its dog back after it became lost, found, and then turned over to a complete stranger.

In the Aldridge family's backyard, a dirt-filled hole remains from where Bear escaped last week.

But because the dog had no tag, he was given to a complete stranger and his real owners are now desperate to bring him home.

"I love him I miss him, my two year old loves him and misses him," said Brittany Aldridge.

Goodman Road is a busy street just a stone's throw away from the house.

"I thought he was dead, I thought there was no way he was even alive," said Aldridge.

But Bear was alive. The day he ran off, Olive Branch Police saw a group trying to grab the runaway black poodle and pulled over to help.

"It looked like an unsafe situation so he just wanted to block the road, slow traffic down," said Major Tim Presley, Olive Branch Police Department.

Major Presley said teenagers were able to grab the pooch, but they gave Bear to a woman driving a silver SUV because Bear did not have a collar.

"I don't know what her intentions are, I hope they were good, I really, really do because there's a family that really wants, I want my baby back," said Aldridge. "I think the people thought it was a stray and wanted to take the dog in."

The Aldridge family never expected so much help from the community, and they are still not quite sure why their dog was handed off. But they are begging for anyone's help to bring Bear home.

"I've had him for five and a half years. I've had him since he was eight weeks old," said Aldridge.

Police say the woman who has Bear is not in trouble, but they would like to see the dog returned.

If you know anything that can help bring Bear home, you are asked to call police at 662-895-4111.

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