Former court clerk declares himself as sovereign from US

Former court clerk declares himself as sovereign from US

(WMC-TV) - The judge in this case called former Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk  Otis Jackson's behavior in court inexplicable, but according to documents at the County Register's office Jackson's unusual behavior makes sense.  

His beliefs in the court system he once served are now in line with an anti-government extremist group.

Since being charged with four counts of official misconduct, Jackson has developed a distaste for the judicial system that once afforded him a well paying job.

"Mr. Jackson. Is there some problem here?" Judge Walter Kurtz asked.

"I don't agree with these procedures, I shouldn't be here. This is all some crap," responded Jackson.

Jackson was indicted last year for allegedly coercing his employees to raise money for his reelection campaign.

His bizarre outbursts in court last week can be explained in documents he filed with the Shelby County Register's office on Oct. 23.

The former clerk has publicly declared himself sovereign from the Unites States.  

His documents contain the very same language used by the anti-government extremist group "sovereign citizens."

His court case took a bizarre turn last week when he rejected an offer that could have set him free and then repeatedly refused to be sworn in.

Jackson's filing at the register's office may not be worth the paper it's written on - but it is sovereign citizen tradition to make a public legal declaration which in their minds gives them the utmost legal authority.

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