Who killed Dirty Mike? Charges pending

Who Killed "Dirty Mike" ? Charges Pending

(WMC-TV) – There is a possible break in the case of a local musician murdered while asleep on his couch in 2010.

The up-and-coming rapper was known as Dirty Mike. Now, his family questions whether he was the victim of a home invasion, or something much more calculated.

He earned the title of 'Freestyle King of Memphis'.

Michael Goins, also known as Dirty Mike, was on the rap-world's fast track having just signed a new deal with local recording label "Money By Da Pound".

"He always told me, he say, 'Mom, I'm going to buy you a house, I'm going to buy you a mansion, we're going to move to California. I'm going to do everything that I need to do as your son. I'm going to be rich one day,'" said Michael's mother, Patrice Goins.

That day never came.

On July 12, 2010, Dirty Mike was shot twice in the back while sleeping on his couch.

He tried to get away from his attacker, but never made it past the sidewalk in front of his house.

His 8-year-old son, MaKyle, and 19-month-old daughter, Princess, were left without a dad.

"They said it was a home invasion. I don't agree with that," said his ex-girlfriend, Candace Fuqua.

Candace Fuqua is Goins ex-girlfriend and Princess' mom.

"I went into the house after it happened, and it looked like there was no forced entry," she said.

Goins' family and friends believe Dirty Mike's success put a target on his back.

"There's rivalry in every city, but in Memphis there's a lot of hatred towards people that come up," said Fuqua.

"By him being able to sign a contract, and the people who were around him couldn't sign with a contract, that could have caused a very big friction with them. That could have caused his death," said Goins.

Patrice Goins has waited more than two years for police to finger a suspect, though she has had her own suspicions from day one.

Her son was not alone in the house the day he was shot.

"He says they came in the house, came back there where he was, sprayed him with mace, sprayed the lady who was laying next to him with mace, next thing you know he heard a gunshot," explained his mother.

The person Michael's mother was referring to is Brandon Hodges, Dirty Mike's roommate and pallbearer at his funeral.

Homicide detectives confirm Hodges and the woman who was with him were questioned after the shooting but neither was ever labeled a suspect despite gunshot residue on Hodge's arms.

"So you're telling me that you're son's roommate had gunshot residue up his arm?" Action News 5's Ursula Madden asked Goins.

She replied, "All the way up his arm. You know how he said he got it on him? Shaking the body. Why are you over there shaking a dead body?"

Hodges is currently locked up on charges unrelated to Dirty Mike's death. He declined our request for an interview.

Action News 5 learned the district attorney is now handling the Dirty Mike case and that charges against someone are pending.

"I know there's a lot of individuals in the community who think that this have been forgotten that this is a cold case as these are sometime called. This case has not been forgotten. This is case that we're working on, and the Memphis Police Department continues to work on," said Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich.

That is welcomed news for those who say two years was way too long.

"I do, I feel like they just pushed it off as just another dead man, and it's more than that to us," said Fugua.

It is much more, especially for a little girl who wonders who killed her daddy.

Brandon Hodges is behind bars on felony gun and drug possession charges.

If you know anything about this case, you are urged to contact investigators.

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