Moms strive to bring Best Buddies program to Memphis

Moms strive to bring Best Buddies program to Memphis

(WMC-TV) - Two moms doing the best they can for their kids stumbled on a nonprofit right up their alley, and now they're working to try to bring it here.

"We really want to bring this best buddies program to Memphis," said Kristin Barek.

Barek and Melissa Todd are best buds focused on best buddies.

"Mom's on a mission. We're going to get this done," said Todd.

Each is the mother of a special needs child.

"She has hearing aids and she looks a little different, but already kids are already wanting to isolate her on the playground," said Barek.

5-year-old Sabrina has Kabuki Syndrome and 16-year-old Hunter has a series of rare chromosome disorders.

"Hunter has two sisters and they are constantly invited to parties and invited to all kinds of events, get phone calls, emails, text messages and poor Hunter doesn't get any of that," said Todd.

"And wouldn't it be nice if one day somebody came to the door and said, 'Hunter, I'm going to take you to the movies.' Or just called him and said, 'Hey how's your day going?'" Todd continued.

Which is why Barek and Todd are focused on best buddies, a nonprofit that operates in schools and communities throughout the country.

"It provides and promotes friendships with those children and adults who have intellectual an developmental disabilities an they match them with somebody who does not have disabilities," said Todd.

"So that children with disabilities are not so isolated."

The program is not  in Memphis.

Barek and Todd are trying to change all that but still must raise another $200,000 first in order to open and fund the office.

"We just keep trucking. We're not giving up," said Todd.

In hopes of getting others to treat their children like best buds.

Their big fundraiser is Friday night, one week from today.

You can find all the details on that party here.