Online dating site rendezvous leads to robbery in Olive Branch, MS

On-line Dating Site Rendezvous Leads To Robbery In Olive Branch, MS

OLIVE BRANCH, MS - (WMC-TV) – Nobody who lives along Chateau Road in Olive Branch, Mississippi knew anyone in the neighborhood with the nickname "Jay Boosie."

But that's where police say "Boosie" ran after robbing a woman in the nearby Flying J truck stop parking lot.  They say the two scheduled a rendezvous on an un-named internet dating site.

"Well, first of all, she shouldn't be meeting people on line she's never met before because you don't know nothing about people on line these days," said Kristin Farrow who works nearby.

"You can't even trust the people you do know, much less the people you don't know," said Brandy Thomas.

Olive Branch Police released details of the crime on their Facebook page.  "Jay Boosie" is the name they say the suspect used on-line.  The victim says he wore a baseball cap during their face to face meeting and a T-shirt with an "in memory of child" image on the front.

"Nowadays Olive Branch is getting as bad as Memphis," said Farrow.  "Got to watch what you're doing."

"Be real careful and real choosy," said neighbor Larry Wren.  "Because you never know."

Police say the suspect snatched the woman's wallet before pushing her to the ground in the parking lot.  It abruptly ended any romantic hopes she may have had.

Call Olive Branch Police with any information about the crime.

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