Possible second sighting of police impersonator in AR

Lookalike of suspect police impersonator’s car
Lookalike of suspect police impersonator’s car

(KAIT) – Jonesboro Police are investigating a possible police impersonator that followed a woman late Thursday night.

According to the police report, a woman claims a white Ford Crown Victoria with police light on the dash followed her Thursday night until she pulled into a friend's home.

The woman told Region 8 News it all started once she left work on Matthews Avenue late Thursday.

"I noticed a white car, driving kind of slow, but it's a hospital area so it could've been anybody," she said.

She said once she left her place of employment, the vehicle then followed her.

She told police the car followed her onto Kitchen Street, and she then made several unorthodox turns on side streets, and the car kept following.

"I wanted to make a right turn but I got in the left lane...turned my left blinker on. I waited, he got in the lane with me...did the same thing. I turned right and he went with me. And it was clear at that point that he was following me."

She said once she confirmed her suspicions, she tried to get as much of a description of who was following her.

"I realized that he had some kind of light attachment on his dashboard," she said. The only description the woman could give police was the driver was a white male, about 30-40 years old with dark bushy hair.

A short while later she called a friend to see if she could drive to her house and meet her in the driveway.

"Mostly I was scared and knew I needed to let someone know where I was and what was going on," she explained. So she called a friend who lives nearby and pulled into her driveway. 

She told Region 8 News that's when it ended.

"My friend flipped on the light, her fiance stepped outside and then he sped off," she said.

She has this advice for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation: "Especially being a female, alone, you have to pay attention to your surroundings."

Jonesboro Police has issued an advisory alert to be on the lookout for people driving around acting in a manner that presents them as law enforcement.

In the police report, Jonesboro Police were advised of a similar case on Oct. 28 that the Craighead County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

That incident also began on Matthews Avenue, and the suspect car was a White Ford Crown Victoria.

Jonesboro Police is asking anyone with any information about these incident to call CrimeStoppers at 935-STOP. 

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