Police substation could go up in DeSoto County

Substation could go up in DeSoto County

(WMC-TV) - As DeSoto County grows, so do the efforts of its leaders to keep people moving into the area safe.

A new substation is going up that will allow investigators to double their efforts in the county.

The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is in Hernando, but with a lot of the growth to the north and east part of DeSoto County, the sheriff's office says a substation would not only increase response times but make it easier on county residents who may need to file a report as well.

From new homes and neighborhoods, to new schools, there are signs of DeSoto County's continued growth everywhere.

"We're looking at convenience for our citizens, we're also looking at quicker response times for our officers," said Chief Deputy Macon Moore.

Right now, the department is eyeing potential locations and Chief Deputy Macon Moore says computerized crime reports will help.

"We can plot those on a map and that helps us with our enforcement activities and it also helps us for future growth and plans where we may need to open up a substation," explained Moore.

No matter where they live, deputies must drive to Hernando for roll call and are then sent out to patrol their areas. A second substation would allow officers to be more efficient in the midst of a leaner budget.

"These officers typically work the same area every shift so it will make them more accessible to the citizens," said Moore.

Later this month, Sheriff Rasco will start a committee to discuss options for the possible substation.

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