Election Integrity Task Force launches for Election Day

Election Integrity Task Force launches for Election Day

(WMC-TV) - After problems at the polls during the primary election, the City of Memphis is launching its first-ever Election Integrity Task Force to make sure your vote counts.

The ballot has two referenda that impact the city: schools and MATA funding.

Nine attorneys volunteered to stand by the hotline to investigate citizen complaints as voting takes place.

Rampant election problems in the August primary created skeptics.

"They're supposed to have the problems straightened out, but who knows?" said Ronnie Cartwright, who is a registered voter.

But others expect no problems. Even so, the City of Memphis isn't taking chances.

"There were 5,000 people who got the wrong ballots in August. It has something to do with that," said Deputy City Attorney Regina Morrison Newman.

At no cost to taxpayers, Deputy City Attorney Regina Morrison Newman is overseeing an Election Integrity Task Force.

The task force will handle issues that come up during every election.

"How come they're not letting me vote with this I.D.? Am I really supposed to be somewhere else?" Newman listed some of the common questions they are expecting.

They will also handle new issues like voter intimidation.

Newman says that problem surfaced before the city won their lawsuit last week to allow voters to use library cards at the polls.

"Quizzing you on your date of birth, etcetera, to make sure you're you," she said.

Newman is no stranger to voter problems.

In 2010, she blamed her Shelby County Trustee race loss on computer input errors.

Even if an issue escalates at a precinct this time around, Newman is prepared to dispatch aid to voters on site.

"We're here on standby if something slips through the cracks," she said.

Newman says they will do all they can to make sure all voters feel welcome at the polls.

"Everybody's got to vote. You don't vote, you don't need to talk about it," she said.

The Department of Justice, the NAACP, and National Bar Association also have complaint hotlines.

You can reach the Election Integrity Task Force at 901-636-6500 if you have any problems.

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