Frustrated Comcast customer fights against rate increases

Frustrated Comcast customer fights against rate increases

(WMC-TV) - One Mid-South Comcast customer is so angry about rate increases and how the company has treated him that he started a petition.

Tim Torti has 71 signatures from people just like him, who want to occupy Comcast.

Torti is now demanding that the company take action.

"Every time I call I'm bounced around. It's my VCR, or cable. It's never their fault," said Torti.

He says he has had issues with his cable service since 2008 and he has the repair tickets from the company to prove it.

"There's three, four, five, six tickets," he said. "This whole area, English Meadows, has signal problems, so I'm not the only one in this area."

But that is not the only Issue...

Since October of this year, Torti says his bill has also increased by as much as $10 per month.

"They sent out a letter back in September with your bill saying they had made a mistake. They have not been charging people for additional boxes. I get the October bill. The additional box is $4.95, plus a regular annual rate increase of $3.45 for the package I have," explained Torti.

Now, Torti says he's circulating a petition asking other Comcast customers to join him in an effort to "Occupy Comcast."

It is a movement similar to what the group Occupy Memphis did to push for social justice in downtown Memphis.

"We're going to try to rally. We're getting petitions signed right now saying these rate increases, the service, and when you call Comcast not to be bounced around and let us be able to verify who we've talked to," said Torti.

Comcast sent Action News 5 the following statement:

"We are reaching out to the customer to understand his inquiry. We hope to address his concerns as quickly as possible."

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