Justin Bieber's grandparents bail out teens with counterfeit tickets

Justin Bieber's Grandparents Bail Out Teens With Counterfeit Tickets

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – Cell phone video of Justin Bieber performing last week at FedExForum, along with a number of close-up photos were taken by best friends Lucy Vick and Rachael Kitchens.

"It was one of the best nights ever," said Vick.

"It was great," said Kitchens.

It was Rachael's 18th birthday.  Her father bought Bieber tickets on-line only to find out they were phonies just before the concert.

"I just started crying, that's all I could do," said Kitchens.  "Just cried for probably an hour," she added.

But her tears quickly dried up when the pair was approached by an older couple and a young man who turned out to be Justin Bieber's hair stylist.

"And they were like, hey, do y'all have tickets?" recalled Vick.  "And so we explained our story while Rachael was crying. And they were like, hey, just take these tickets."

"And I was like are they real, valid, is this real life?" said Kitchens.  "And she was like I'm Justin Bieber's grandmother and at that point, I just flipped out."

The tickets put the teens right in front of the stage within feet of their favorite pop star.

"For it to go from an okay day to such a sad time and then the best seats possible -- it was amazing," said Vick.

"Such a generous family," said Kitchens.

They were convinced Justin had something to do with it.

"I would like to think so," said Vick.

Apparently, Bieber talks about giving away tickets in his movie.

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