Southaven bus driver addresses school board after mayor found guilty of illegally passing

Southaven Bus Driver Addresses School Board After Mayor Found Guilty Of Illegally Passing

SOUTHAVEN, MS - (WMC-TV) – One bus driver claims the Southaven Mayor's politics got in the way of her job, so she took her fight to the school board.

The Mayor illegally passed the former driver's bus. Monday night she told the school board that bus drivers need the district's support taking offenders to court, otherwise drivers may not bother filing charges.

Tracey Riva is no longer a bus driver for DeSoto County Schools.

"I resigned in September," she said.

Her decision came after Southaven Mayor Greg Davis was found guilty of illegally passing her school bus. But on Monday Riva told the school board she was alone for most of the process.

"It was very difficult to go by yourself and you have no one there to say one thing positive about you," Riva said.

Riva had five minutes to address the board, but it was done in executive session, away from our cameras. Because bus drivers have to be the witness in any incidents, she wants to see a support committee from the district.

"I just want them to take action and be there for these drivers because these drivers are not going to turn in drivers if the school isn't going to back them," she said.

A spokesperson for DeSoto County Schools told us that a director was in court with Riva for six hours during the first appearance and that she was encouraged to stay on after the incident. But Riva worries that in this case, politics may have gotten in the way of safety.

"I don't understand why a school can't get involved in something like this. This is the most dangerous part of a child's day is going to and from school," Riva said.

All personnel and student matters are discussed in executive session at board meetings. The district didn't have anything else to add to their statement.

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