Election Integrity Task Force: Four points to remember

(WMC-TV) - Here are some helpful reminders from the first-ever City of Memphis Election Integrity Task Force. The force was launched to make sure your vote counts.

1) Elderly and disabled voters do not need to wait in line.  Election officials may move them to the front.

2) If you are marked "inactive", you are not "purged" from the rolls. You may vote on the machine like everyone else. Do not leave.

3) Your photo ID is for the purpose of the photo. Your address on the ID does not have to match your registration address.  Your photo ID can be expired and from another state as long as it has your picture.

4) Yes, the Memphis Photo Library Card ID is a valid form of voter identification.

Polling places in all three Mid-South states will be open up for 12 hours of voting today. Click here for what you should know before heading to the polls.

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