Identity thieves get creative with check cashing scheme

Identity thieves get creative with check cashing scheme

(WMC-TV) – For the modern day identity thief, forging checks is not just a wave of the hand, it is a work of art.

Donna Sundberg just learned one of her company's checks for $40,000 was stolen.

"The mail was stolen, perhaps on a Saturday nobody around," she said.

Postal inspectors say the check forging scam is doing a lot of damage.

In a recent case, one suspect had more than $800,000 worth of checks from 177 different victims.

"Found in our suspects home were many numerous computers, high quality color printers and scanners, as well as magnetic bar code readers," said Michael Van de Putte, U.S. Postal Inspector.

Sundberg and her company are fighting back.

"We have put into place with our bank goals and fraud protection. Whenever I issue a check, I send it to our bank and if it's not on the list I send, they call, 'Is this an issue?'" explained Sundberg.

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