Election wrap locally & nationally...MPD overtime cuts, AT&T settlement, Ole Miss protests

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday...the day after election day...

We have a wrap up of local regional and national results, referendums and races. Details all morning long on WMC-TV5.Sales Tax was voted down, so did the medical marijuana proposal in Arkansas. Election reaction this AM

We are also in Oxford, Mississippi where Ole Miss students protested the results of the presidential election...we have video and pictures from youtube and social media. details on that all morning long on WMC-TV5.

AT&T set to refund customers after being accused of misleading customers...We'll explain what happened

Also there is a push to cut Memphis Police overtime....Memphis City Council leaders say cuts are needed to balance the budget. Hear more this AM.

Plus an update on the cleanup of Sandy. Still tens of thousands without power in The Northeast.

We're giving away a new ipad mini today just be the 5th caller when you hear the cue to call. Join our new morning team and our new look with Janeen, Lindsey, Kym, Ron, Amy, Ben & me.

Andrew Douglas