Tipton County voters send Republican woman to TN House with a landslide vote

Tipton County voters send Republican woman to TN House with a landslide vote
Debra Moody
Debra Moody

Since longtime Democratic legislator Jimmy Naifeh announced his retirement, Republican Debra Moody has been on the campaign trail stumping for votes.

Representative elect Moody said she's been getting calls and text messages of congratulations all day.

Now, she said she's ready to take Tipton County's voice to Nashville.

"We met so many people that were being evicted from their homes, are looking for jobs, many of them working two jobs," said Moody.

Moody will now take over Naifeh's House seat in January.

She'll be the first Republican in forty years to represent Tipton County.

"I just want to be sure that Tipton Countians have good jobs, that they get to keep more of their hard earned money and that our small businesses aren't overwhelmed with regulations put on them," said the representative elect.

Tipton County voters turned out early and in droves on election day to cast their ballots.

Election commission officials say part of the driving force behind the large turnout was this District 81 House race.

"I like the direction Tennessee is going with the things already being done like lowering the sales tax and eliminating the death tax," said Moody.

This pro-life candidate says she wants to see taxes cut, government spending at a minimum, and more jobs coming to Tipton County.

And for the first time ever, Tipton County is its own  House district.

"I feel like that gives me the power as a legislator to go up there and Tipton County is for this or they're not for this.  I think it's great," said Moody.

Moody said one of the first calls she got this morning was from Tennessee House speaker Beth Harwell.  Harwell called to congratulate her on last night's victory.

Moody will travel to Nashville after Thanksgiving for orientation.

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