Ole Miss students hold candlelight vigil after Election Night protests

Ole Miss Students Hold Candlelight Vigil After Election Night Protests

OXFORD, MS - (WMC-TV) – Ole Miss students held a candlelight vigil Wednesday night to show the nation a different side of their campus after making national news for disruptive election night protests.

The vigil came after election protests turned hateful early Wednesday morning. But Wednesday night, nearly 700 people came with candles to the Lyceum steps where James Meredith integrated the school 50 years ago.

After political protests erupted on the Ole Miss campus following President Barack Obama's re-election, a much larger crowd gathered Wednesday night for a very different reason.

"I came out here tonight to bring peace to campus," said freshman Keira Foster.

The racial slurs yelled early Wednesday were drowned out by hundreds reciting the University Creed, something Chancellor Dan Jones says was violated by whoever chose to burn Obama campaign signs.

"This is embarrassing for our university that anyone would use racial hate language," Jones said.

Students told Action News 5 the name of a man suspected of starting the protests. We found his twitter page where he posts he's accused of ruining the school. Another hash tag states "'Riots in Oxford' - Go to Hell Obama."

"I would ask them, 'are you really living out the creed to the university, and if you're not doing that living up the university creed, then why are you here?'" said Student Body President Kimberly Dandridge.

Just weeks ago Ole Miss celebrated progress with the 50th anniversary of the school's integration. Students say they're embarrassed by the actions of a few that are re-opening scars and wounds that most seem desperate to heal.

"Everyone just wants to look past it and see the future and get on through it," freshman Thomas Bohannon said.

"I would say to them that their actions are an embarrassment to themselves, their families, and the University of Mississippi," said Chancellor Jones.

There were two arrests made early this morning and the chancellor tells me the school and police are investigating to see if additional arrests will be made.

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