Task Force returns from New York after Sandy relief work

(WMC-TV) – Wednesday night the parking lot of Tennessee Task Force One was filled with task force members and their families, glad they are back safely from New York, where they helped the victims of hurricane Sandy.

It was a night of homecomings.

"It's good to be back.  My two kids were here to welcome me," said Mike Mitchell with the task force.

Kristi Adams greeted her husband of just two months.

"In the beginning I was really worried, but then after talking to him and knowing where he was through out the day, where they were heading, I felt a lot better," said Adams.

Tennessee Task Force One, back from New York after eight days of helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  The task force worked 12 hour days in Long Beach Long Island.

"Pretty large scale disaster in terms of the impact to that area," said task force leader Charles Smith.  "Like most hurricanes, they lost all their infrastructure utilities," he added.

Tennessee Task Force One slept in a gymnasium in Hicksville, eating MRE's

"They sent me a picture from Waffle House saying this is what we are eating," said Barry O'Neill with the task force.  "I replied with a picture of what we are eating. And they were amazed," he said.

O'Neill's daughters are going to get a taste of their own MRE for dinner.

"It's going to be interesting, it's going to be really interesting," O'Neill said.

Task Force members told us they weren't sure they would get back because another storm is coming.  They say it will make a horrible situation much worse and they think about the people.

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