Former NBA player scammed hopeful job seekers

(WMC-TV) - He played in the NBA but is now shooting hoops in prison. U.S. Postal inspectors say his scam is now a cautionary tale about phony job offers.

Former NBA player Jay Vincent sent ads all over the country for his foreclosure inspection business. He promised huge returns in an emerging industry.

"When they responded they were told they needed to obtain a background check. They could either obtain the check through his company for $89 or they could obtain it on their own," said Erin Leipold, U.S. Postal Inspector.

But those background checks were never done. No inspectors were ever hired and the business had no contracts. Vincent was taken the fee money.

"We estimated 18,000 victims in this investigation and we calculated the loss at $1.4 million," said Leipold.

Sheilita Griffin says she worked for Vincent answering phones. She said she did not realize it was a scheme.

Postal inspectors warn to be wary of job offers promising or guaranteeing high returns.

Vincent is serving a five year prison sentence.

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