Mississippi leaders battle racism in light of election night protest

Miss. leaders fight racism in light of recent protests
Miss. leaders and experts are working to stop racism in the state
Miss. leaders and experts are working to stop racism in the state

(WMC-TV) - Mississippi state leaders are trying to find solutions to racial issues that persist in the state.

The issue was brought to light again after the election night protests on the Ole Miss campus Tuesday. That comes as the university has made major strides in changing its image 50 years after integration of James Meredith.

The protests went viral across the country as students burned an Obama-Biden political sign and officers heard racial slurs. All of it happened in a community that is trying to distance itself from an ugly past of segregation.

"This is embarrassing for our university that anyone would use racial hate language," said Ole Miss Chancellor Dr. Dan Jones.

The following day, students gathered for a much different reason -- peace and prayer. At the vigil, students cited the university creed.

But state leaders in Mississippi were shocked by the video taken of the protests. They came together this week to address racial problems and search for solutions.

"It just had me speechless. I thought everybody had realized that we all are human beings created by God Almighty," said former Mississippi Rep. Robert Clark.

Clark, along with a panel of activists and others concerned about the issue, are trying to fix the racial problem plaguing the state.

"Did not even know those kind of thoughts even existed in the state of Mississippi today," said Clark.

It is a community searching for racial harmony, hoping to heal from persistent problems of the past.

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