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Mayor visits officer shot in friendly fire

Lazarus Johnson and Charles Cross Lazarus Johnson and Charles Cross
Mayor A C Wharton Mayor A C Wharton

(WMC-TV) - Officer Willie Bryant is recovering at The MED after being shot in friendly fire Thursday afternoon.

Mayor A C Wharton went to visit him Friday and said Bryant was conscious for the visit and even gave him the peace sign.

The accidental shooting happened on 589 Arrington Avenue, where investigators say it is a crack house.

"Right in the middle of our neighborhood. Right in the middle of our neighborhood," said Mayor Wharton.

"When you get popped and you're armed like you're in guerrilla warfare somewhere in Afghanistan there ain't no place for you on our street point blank," he continued.

Lazarus Johnson and Charles Cross are both locked up at 201 Poplar after police found several guns, body armor, and various drugs stashed inside.

When the Organized Crime Unit kicked in the door, police say a pit bull charged.

One officer fired his shotgun, but the blast hit officer Bryant in the lower back.

"You're relying on people to make split-second decisions and sometimes things go bad. They go very, very badly and that's what this is," said Memphis Police Department Director Toney Armstrong.

MPD Director Toney Armstrong said Bryant and the officer who pulled the trigger are good friends.

"They care very, very deeply about each other. They're entrenched in each others lives so you can't even imagine what he's going through right now," said Armstrong.

Bryant's wife is seven months pregnant.

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