Lawmakers look to crackdown on ticket scalpers

Crackdown on event tickets

(WMC-TV) – Tennessee lawmakers are hoping to crackdown on scalpers.

If you tried to buy the hottest ticket in town, you know how quickly those third party ticket sellers gobble up tickets and charge you an inflated price.

Tennessee legislators are working on a bill that they hope will crack down on the all too common concert rip off.

Some people will pay anything to see the big names in showbiz or their favorite sports team. But most professional scalpers stay in business by snatching up tickets in bulk. By the time you want to get in the door, the price has gone way up.

"Deceptive practices to buy up all the tickets and then they turn around and sell those tickets at a much higher price," explained Tennessee Representative Ryan Haynes.

Tennessee Representative Ryan Haynes is a co-sponsor of The Fairness in Ticketing Act. It is state legislation that would require ticket brokers to register with the state department of commerce and insurance, forcing them to disclose the face value of tickets and be able to prove they have tickets in hand before you hand over your money.

"It would also authorize the use of paperless tickets in concert ball game sales since that's kind of the era that we're in," said Rep. Haynes.

Haynes says unscrupulous brokers actually use logos from artists and venues for websites to look like a fan site. That too would be illegal if the Fairness in Ticketing act is passed.

There are opponents but Haynes says beware, some of those against the bill are disguised as music lovers looking out for fans when they are really lobbying to protect the brokers who buy your ticket before you can.

A legislative committee will meet on Tuesday for more discussion on the Fairness on Ticketing Act. But it will not be introduced in the legislature until after the first of the year. Until then -- buyer beware.

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