Sunken graves for Mid-South veterans; Rehab 101 after a tough week at Ole Miss

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It is Veterans Day Weekend, and the Action News 5 Investigators have discovered the mistreatment of veterans' graves in Memphis. Sunken graves are a problem across the state of Tennessee, but are at their worst in Memphis. Tonight we'll show you the deplorable conditions, and reveal the cost to taxpayers.

They are the improvements residents and tourists have been waiting for, and they start next week. What to expect as Elvis Presley Boulevard prepares to undergo a face-lift.

Pink hair cost a Mid-South sixth grader a three day suspension for violating school policy!

Some parents we talked to say… the rules are the have to follow them. But others - say the rules need to CHANGE.

A wild night in the Mid-South is caught on camera. What appears to be Bourbon Street is really the Oxford Square. Tonight Ole Miss counselors and Oxford police believe THE PARTY'S OVER…we'll introduce you to the groundbreaking technology and life-saving program on campus.

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